Keep forgetting to update here!

So it’s been a while again since I updated things here. Lots of things have changed. First off, I finally took the plunge and upgraded to a 1×2 callsign – I now hold the callsign N9PH. For the forseeable future, I’ll keep the existing domain name – maybe I’ll register up at a later time and make it also point here.

Also have been getting into a little kit building lately. I joined the 4-states QRP group, and a while back built one of their kits, the NS-40 transmitter. This is a very simple kit, and I’d recommend it to anyone as their first kit build. Also last weekend was their annual Ozarkcon QRP convention in Branson, MO. WA6CML & I made the drive down there, and had a lot of fun. Got to meet up with some friends, like Tom (N2UHC), my elmer Paul (N0NBD), Johnny (AC0BQ), and Terry (WA0ITP). They do an annual build-a-thon each year, and I took part in that as well. This year, the build-a-thon project was the group’s new 4S-Link digital interface. The build went really smooth thanks to the experts there helping, and I can’t wait to try it out – I just need to build the cables to interface with my radios. Also picked up some other new toys there. Picked up 2 more new kits to build from the 4State kit collection – the AA0ZZ EZ-Keyer and the QRPometer. Other goodies I picked up was the KI0BK Low-loss PWRgate as well as a set of 4 12v 17Ah SLA batteries. These will be used as battery backup while here at home, as well as battery power for when we’re camping.

Also, a few months ago, I picked up a used FT-817. What a nice little radio! However, after playing a little with one at Ozarkcon, I think the 817 will be replaced later this year with a Elecraft KX3, and will become my new portable radio. And, when the 100w amplifier is made available for it, I’ll probably use the KX3 as my home radio as well, and sell the FT920.

That’s enough for now. Hope to see you on the bands!