Been a while…

So it’s been a while since I last blogged here.  I haven’t really been all that active on the radio for a while now, but I think that’s about to change.  Last weekend I did my first kit build – it was the NS-40 (None Simpler 40) transmitter kit from the 4-states QRP group.  Was a quite simple build – One bug I still need to work out on it (I goofed and put the oscillator transistor in backwards!).  Also sat down tonite and ordered up a Cherkassey straight key off Ebay.  I haven’t run with a straight key for a long time, but the NS-40 has a little too much keying current for me to risk trying my MFJ keyer or my K1EL Winkey USB.  Next up i think will be a receiver, perhaps the SS-40 kit from 4SQRP, and perhaps their Magic Box as well.  Also new for me is my new desk mic – WA6CML bought me a used Heil Goldline with PTT base…so pretty sitting on the desk.  Also have been working on the local APRS digipeater – Currently it’s up and on the air here at home as WI0LA-10.

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